Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Australian webhosting wag

Over the years, WordPress has grown from a great blogging tool to an amazing content management system (CMS) and some of the biggest brands in the world are using WordPress to represent themselves on the web.

www.fhm.com inbetweeners pic


Forbes Blogs. Forbes uses WordPress to power all of its blogs, and there are a lot of them. What makes the Forbes blogs stand out is how well the various blogs are integrated on the back-end. Despite its many online properties, Forbes is able to keep relevant content and links in front of visitors at all times.



from : http://www.wpbeginner.com/showcase/21-popular-brands-that-are-using-wordpress/

Ebay manages their official blog using WordPress. They have it custom designed to make it look flashy. Even though it doesn’t look like WordPress, it is WordPress.

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PlayStation Blog. The PlayStation Blog is a perfect example of how to present a lot of visual stimuli without overwhelming your audience. Visit a single post page and take a look at how unique the navigation bars and menus are configured. The comments are also visually appealing; this is an area of a blog that is often forgotten in the design process.



The automotive giant Ford is also using WordPress to power their blog.


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