Sunday, 21 April 2013

Book Australian–Clash of the Titans

How the Unbridled Ambition of Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch Has Created Global Empires That Control What We Read and W


The Clash of the Titans


When Robert Edward (Ted) Turner III started out in business, he owned a small billboard company in rural Georgia. What he has ended up with is the vice-chairmanship of AOL Time Warner through the sale of his $3 billion empire, which includes CNN, superstation WTBS, Turner Network Television, Turner Classic Movies, the Atlanta Braves, the Goodwill Games, and MGM Studios. Risk-taking, careful planning and steely determination are the hallmarks of this brash, outspoken and wildly successful media mogul. On the other side of the world his counterpart Keith Rupert Murdoch--impeccably dressed, ruthless and hungry for success--began with one small Australian newspaper and parlayed it into 125 newspapers and magazines around the globe, the Fox, Inc. motion picture and television conglomerate, and news satellites on four continents.

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