Saturday, 22 November 2014

Clickbank espaniol members make money with official clickbank university

Hello friends here Bnzo gonsales , in this video I'm going to share how to make money with clickbank , am going to demonstrate one of the most powerful strategies to sell easy on the internet with Clickbanke in Spanish , step by step with a powerful strategy that for this 2014 !

If you are looking for a proven and easy to implement to create a profitable income affiliate Clickbank, then this may be the most important letter you've ever read!


The truth is ... Make Money With Clickbank is not Very Easy!

"Many People Don't Have A Clue How To Become Successful With Clickbank!"

First, you will need to understand what Clickbank is and how it works. It is the largest digital information site today with an affiliate program network. This simply means that it acts as a gateway for publishers and affiliates. This is what makes it relatively easy for anyone to find products that they can promote and earn hefty commissions from.

Clickbank is deemed to be the leading site for selling digital products. There are more than 12,000 vendors who sell different products on the site and there are about 100,000 affiliate marketers registered with the site.

internet marketing clickbank university course online

how to make money online

Clickbank has just launched “Clickbank  University” which is a Internet marketing course for earning income on click bank.  If you are a internet marketer, it is very unlikely that you would have come across clickbank for affiliate marketing and know about clickbank.

However many Clickbank affiliates fail even before they started.

Many Clickbank affiliates can never show good results after all your hard work ... except at a chart of unpayable credit Adwords campaigns that never end in nothing.

Learn how to make money with the Clickbank marketplace in 2014-2015 whihc is  perfect for newbies who are just getting into affiliate marketing because it covers all the basics to be a successful Clickbank affiliate such as ...

1. Picking the right Clickbank product what to look for?
2. Why Clickbank is perfect for beginning affiliates just getting started.
3. How to place an affiliate link inside a Wordpress blog post using usfreeads as an example.
4. Learn how to turn your long inattractive Clickbank link into an attractive tiny url to maximize your clicks.
5. What is a Clickbank T.I.D. and why you should always use one.
6. Why an email list is your most important asset as an affiliate marketer.
7. How to drive traffic to your Clickbank affiliate promotions.

How to Sell Internet is not easy in general, but this strategy is helping a lot of people sell on the Internet. You will become one of the powerful mass workouts that seen on the internet on how to sell on the internet with Clickbanke in Spanish .
clickbank course for learning online marketing

Well folks, if quiren saber other estratejias Popular abansadas how to sell easy and fast , put your email address in the specified page and command them free access to some of the best training videos on the market that will love them , teach them the best structures to make money today and also in the second video I will send a very special reaglo of vlaor $ 497 free, are very important tools must anyone to give on the internet that will help a lot in how to earn easy money and fast Hojala they learned muco in as sell online with Clickbanke in Spanish .

the online course for internet marketing university

click here to enrol to the official clickbank university course on how to make money online with clickbank

Good friends wish you success in your search , thank you!

Monday, 27 October 2014

The clickbank Market Affiliate & Seller report at $1.99 is steal

I could not believe that click bank could offer this data almost for free at $1.99 . This data is definitely much more valuable than this low price set by clickbank for this affiliate and niche report . It is helpful  for internet marketers  doing internet marketing with not only click bank , but helpful also for promotion with other affiliate products and services as it give insight into some of the popular niches  and numbers and statistics aligned with it.

databank by click  bank  marketplace

Top conversion rates by country for clickbank products

For example it gives a listing of the top  countries that are  having the best conversion rate for  the clickbank products , with a listing and ranking from 1 to 10 . this data can easily be used for your PPC and SEO campaigns for your niche websites.

For eg. Australia Is the No1 (@21.6 %) In conversion rate for clikbank products ( The report gives a ranking from 1to 10 in this list of top countries)


BEST day for conversion for clickbank products

If you were wondering which is the best day  for conversion  of your product as a seller or as a affiliate marketer , clickbank now gives you this precious data to help double your earnings.  You could easily use this data  to  take advantage with PPC campaigns  by increasing your spend (%) on these days in google adwords or bing advertising.

Apparently SATURDAY seems to be one of the most popular days for conversion.

There is a 1 to 7 Ranking for this category ,based on which days are the best and which days are the least in conversion


Which are the best performing categories or niches in clickbank ?

If you were not too sure which niche you wanted to promote in click bank , this Internet Marketing  report by clickbank  will help you decide , as it clearly tells you which categories are the most popular in clickbank.

“SPORTS” among other niches seems to be really popular in clickbank


The best price  for Clickbank products ( with high conversion rate)

If you set the price right if your a seller , you can make more sales with less effort and this price point listing give you the price that has the most high conversion rate  for  a standard price + as well as a upsell.

If you are a internet  marketer selling clickbank products from your blog or website, this price point will help you as well( say if you got a choice of 3 sixpack abs products  with different price points ) you can select the one with the best price point to make more sales . You will also probably need to see if the other factors for a good product are met.

A PRICE for a product between $20 & 29.99 seems like a good bet  to get some cash coming in your door!!

The click bank report give you much more than all data mentioned here

Like hidden gems ( low competition – High converting niches)

Which platform is getting more sales for  clickbank products ( IOS , Android or windows )

You really need to spend that $1.99 by logging into your clickbank account and getting that report  to double you sales now!!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Is your drop box password hacked or safe ?

Hackers claim to have stolen a database of almost 7 million Dropbox log-in credentials, but the company says its service was not hacked and that unrelated websites are the data source.
Dropbox is a popular cloud-based storage service.

Alert Priority High‏

The incident is somewhat similar to the dumping of 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords online in September.
drop box my username password
The first data dump appeared recently in an anonymous post on and contained 400
username and password pairs.

snapshot of pasted stuff on pastebin with passwords blanked here

ScreenHunter_02 Oct. 19
The author said that it’s only the “first teaser” of 6,937,081 hacked Dropbox accounts and asked for Bitcoin donations. The user also claimed to have access to photos, videos and other files from the compromised accounts. The account details have been pasted have been uploaded to pastebin.

What dropbox has to say

Dropbox, denies that a hack has taken place.
“Dropbox has not been hacked. These usernames and passwords were unfortunately stolen from other services and used in attempts to log in to Dropbox accounts,” it said.
“We'd previously detected these attacks and the vast majority of the passwords posted have been expired for some time now. All other remaining passwords have expired as well.”
As a precaution, if you have a Dropbox account you should change your password immediately.
You should also ensure you have two-step (or two-factor) authentication enabled. If your password is compromised, such as in this breach, the second step means your account should remain safe.

Other optional password software that you might want to check out to keep your passwords safe are as below

Steganos Password Manager 15 - Free 30-day trial
AVG Internet security - Comprehensive protection for your computer! AVG ensures your safety while you search or surf the net, download music, documents and pictures, send emails or instant message by scanning documents, files, Web pages and Web links before you open them. AVG Internet Security is a reliable and easy-to-use solution for home and small office users.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Who is the winner of FIFA world cup soccer is 2014


The world cup Fifa 2014 is just over and the winner is germany. After two extra time was given, Germany scored a Goal in the second extra time  and Argentina failed to match it , with GERMANY winning the fifa 2014 world cup finals football game

world cup finals score

Winner of 2014 soccer world cup


Score world cup finals 2014

Germany 1

Argentina 0

Next world cup is 2018

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia -
2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup bids - Wikipedia, the free ...

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Ebay passwords stolen.Reset your password now

eBay confirms a security breach, and a password change recommended: SSO Alert Priority High

ebay breach hacked passwords

eBay has confirmed that an attack on its systems earlier this year compromised a database containing encrypted passwords, customer names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and date of birth information.

It has stated that the database did not contain any financial information and that it has undertaken testing, finding no evidence of unauthorised activity for eBay users. It added that data stored with PayPal (owned by eBay) such as your credit card information, is encrypted and stored separately on a secure network.

eBay has advised it will begin contacting users to change their passwords.

A website post has offered "eBay user details for sale", following the revelation of a cyber attack aimed at the online marketplace.

Regardless of whether you receive notification from eBay, if you use eBay, you should change your password immediately.

If you use the same password to log in on any other website, you should change those as well, choosing something unique and strong.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Admission criteria for Google helpouts

You're attempting to make meringue and your egg whites are a runny mess. What if you could pick up your phone or computer and instantly video chat with a cooking expert who can take a look at your kitchen disaster and tell you exactly what you're doing wrong?

Google launched a tool called Helpouts on Tuesday in which people can pay to get help from experts over a live video chat similar to Google Hangouts.

The setup for some helpout listings can be pretty elaborate. This page shows that you can style your helpouts like a structured course, including any preparation or materials the person might need before starting. Google even has a process in place to verify medical certificates and licences. You can get help with the strict admission criteria for google helpouts over here

If this at all sounds interesting to you, head on over to and request an invite.

Find Help

With Helpouts you can get help anytime from people with expertise across a range of topics - teachers, counselors, doctors, home repair specialists, personal trainers, hobby enthusiasts, and more.

Get Help

You can choose who to get help from based on qualifications, availability, ratings and reviews. Also, you can choose to get help right away or schedule a Helpout for later.

Pay for Help

While some Helpouts are free, you'll need to pay for some. Paying for help is easy using Google Wallet.

Admission to this service is strict and involves a interview with google, for help  with the admission process you can check out this service over here

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Top 10 Youtube Video listing if you forgot or lost your laptop or windows password

Windows computer  users who are not technology savvy fail to recover (or crack) their password once they forget or lost it. This can be fixed without doing things like reformatting and re-installing the OS.

A Windows password recovery tool or software is basically a software which cracks the password or resets the password . this can be done without changing any  of your information files on the computer  in a quick few steps.

More Unlocking videos below
There are some free tools like
Offline NT password and Registry Editor
PC Login Now
John The Ripper and
Cain & Able
That do the job  free but you need a lot of skill and patience and trial and error method for this to work and its still not guarantied to work on all versions of windows

Top 10 YouTube videos for lost password or forgot windows password

.. That  will give you a brief idea of what the password cracking software does for you  to recover your windows passwords and unlock it

How to unlock windows computer with software
Unlock windows Instantly - - How to Unlock my Computer login password In under 5 minutes in 3 Easy Steps.…
Realizing that you've forgotten your Windows password is guaranteed to strike panic in anyone. Luckily, there are several programs and services that can help "hack" into your own Windows PC!
Windows 8 password not working - Remove and reset password
Thumbnail 4:35Watch Later
Acer Aspire 5532 Bios Password Removal
How to remove a bios password on an Acer Aspire 5532 Laptop. This video was create to show you that you can replace the bios ...

Repair disk for windows - How to make a repair disc

Published on Oct 1, 2013
Reset password at for any forgotten or lost laptop . Learn "how to fix it" if you got password dementia.If your computer came with a Windows 7 DVD, you can
Software tor unlock windows computer
  • Here is the website . I made this video to give you information on this software available to unlock your windows computer if you ever lose or f…

Forgot Windows Laptop Password How to login

How to reset you forgot windows or laptop password here easily in 5 minutes. This amazing customised windows password reset software gets back
title : How to Reset/Recover Forgotten Windows 7 Password by AvoidErrors
link :
Description : How to Reset/Recover Forgotten Windows 7 Password by Avoid Errors Forgetting your password is never any fun, but lucki
views : 240918
Duration : 04:15

Restore your Toshiba Satellite laptop / notebook without the restore disc.

How to unlock computer if you forgot windows password

Unlock laptop computer if you forgot password in 5 minutes

Published on Sep 10, 2013
Go to - How to Unlock my Computer Laptop Password In 5 minutes and in 3 Easy Steps

It happens forgot windows 8 or windows 7 password . . Reset here for any windows pc
Luckily there is software with a quick solution to reset your password and gain back access to your account. This software is totally guaranteed , you wont lose any files or lose stuff and get back access

Windows Password Reset supports Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 & 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT.