Monday, 22 April 2013

Durex to release Vibrating love app for samsung note and galaxy and iphone

“Fundawear” – a prototype conception from Durex Australia – adds an extra dimension to long-distance lovemaking through the use of hi-tech vibrating underwear that can be wirelessly stimulated via a mobile app
durex australia phone app
The prototype set of underwear that allows couples to connect by sending touch over the internet for the first time.

Smartphone app by durex creates a stir and much more

To demonstrate, Durex recruited chirpy Bondi couple Nick and Dani to be the first to test it out. Within seconds, the pair were twitching about on their beds like they’d got themselves into a stick situation in public thankfully the promotional video is short  and so viewers can stay safe.
The Fundawear app is built in Apple's iOS platform but can be released onto Android and other smartphone platforms in the future.
video chat not intimate chat messaging smartphone app
click her for the durex fundwear video and find out more

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