Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How to create killer Title content in two steps

This is a pic tutorial just to give you and idea of  how to create  killer titles for blogs  to rapidly increase traffic and click through traffic for you blog via search results or advertisements for  you website.

If in doubt not imitate/create but copy creatively  to take it to another level

How  to create killer titles that bring in tons of traffic to your blog

Look  at  the pics below

The ads just  are bait for clicking  and rightly so , someone has taken the time to come up with killer titles that you just want to see what its all about . check the red arrows

killer titles for free for blog

Where are these killer ads coming from .. apparently from a  ad network called Ad blade

check out the page source code for proof below

adblade creative blog titles and content

These titles are surely killer bait ( as recorded in above pic with matching photos for bait)

  • Aussie mum exposes $5 wrinkle trick to look 10 years younger ...
  • How to learn a new language just like the CIA

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