Monday, 27 October 2014

The clickbank Market Affiliate & Seller report at $1.99 is steal

I could not believe that click bank could offer this data almost for free at $1.99 . This data is definitely much more valuable than this low price set by clickbank for this affiliate and niche report . It is helpful  for internet marketers  doing internet marketing with not only click bank , but helpful also for promotion with other affiliate products and services as it give insight into some of the popular niches  and numbers and statistics aligned with it.

databank by click  bank  marketplace

Top conversion rates by country for clickbank products

For example it gives a listing of the top  countries that are  having the best conversion rate for  the clickbank products , with a listing and ranking from 1 to 10 . this data can easily be used for your PPC and SEO campaigns for your niche websites.

For eg. Australia Is the No1 (@21.6 %) In conversion rate for clikbank products ( The report gives a ranking from 1to 10 in this list of top countries)


BEST day for conversion for clickbank products

If you were wondering which is the best day  for conversion  of your product as a seller or as a affiliate marketer , clickbank now gives you this precious data to help double your earnings.  You could easily use this data  to  take advantage with PPC campaigns  by increasing your spend (%) on these days in google adwords or bing advertising.

Apparently SATURDAY seems to be one of the most popular days for conversion.

There is a 1 to 7 Ranking for this category ,based on which days are the best and which days are the least in conversion


Which are the best performing categories or niches in clickbank ?

If you were not too sure which niche you wanted to promote in click bank , this Internet Marketing  report by clickbank  will help you decide , as it clearly tells you which categories are the most popular in clickbank.

“SPORTS” among other niches seems to be really popular in clickbank


The best price  for Clickbank products ( with high conversion rate)

If you set the price right if your a seller , you can make more sales with less effort and this price point listing give you the price that has the most high conversion rate  for  a standard price + as well as a upsell.

If you are a internet  marketer selling clickbank products from your blog or website, this price point will help you as well( say if you got a choice of 3 sixpack abs products  with different price points ) you can select the one with the best price point to make more sales . You will also probably need to see if the other factors for a good product are met.

A PRICE for a product between $20 & 29.99 seems like a good bet  to get some cash coming in your door!!

The click bank report give you much more than all data mentioned here

Like hidden gems ( low competition – High converting niches)

Which platform is getting more sales for  clickbank products ( IOS , Android or windows )

You really need to spend that $1.99 by logging into your clickbank account and getting that report  to double you sales now!!


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