Monday, 25 November 2013

How to find Australian Black Friday and cyber Monday deals

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One way of finding deals for black friday cyber monday  that are  not showing up in is to change your browser  to which shows US results and so you can browse more us centric deals
How to  do it ? Install Hola
Hola Unblocker has been available as a Chrome and Firefox extension since December, but it has just expanded to include websites like CBC, Fox and BBC’s iPlayer TV. You simply install the extension, then go to the website with the region-blocked content you want to access. You don’t have to restart your computer — you don’t even have to restart your browser
Once you install the button will be in the top right of browser, just turn on and off when you want and choose the country> check country to us and search for black friday deals or cyber monday deals  and you will get more US results
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Amazon Australian shippers
Amazon don’t have an Australian web site yet, but they ship here – and they have many products not available in Australia. Plus, whenever the Aussie dollar rises against the greenback, Amazon’s books become cheaper for us to buy.
Amazon Shipping Rates and Times to Australia
This page details information on shipping to Australia. Please refer to the links below for more information.
check out some Current deals here from amazon --> Amazon black friday deals

Local deals Black friday and Cyber monday deals

APple deals
The sale runs until 2am AEDT on November 24, and in-store at Apple stores during opening hours. Note that Apple classifies these as promotional deals
• iPad: A$498 – save A$41
• iPad 2: A$398 – save A$31
• iPod touch (5th gen): A$298 – save A$31
• iPod touch (4th gen): A$194 – save A$25
• iPod nano: A$158 – save A$11
• MacBook Pro (13″ Retina): A$1,794 – save A$105
• MacBook Pro: A$1,244 – save A$105
• MacBook Air: A$994 – save A$105
• AirPort Express Base Station: A$108 – save A$11
• AirPort Extreme Base Station: A$178 – save A$21
• Time Capsule: A$298 – save A$21
• Apple Magic Mouse: A$64 – save A$11
• Magic Trackpad: A$64 – save A$11
• Apple Wireless Keyboard: A$64 – save A$11
• iPad Smart Case: A$44 – save A$15
• iPad Smart Cover (Polyurethane): A$34 – save A$11
• iPad Smart Cover (Leather): A$58 – save A$21
• Apple In-Ear Headphones: A$88 – save A$11
• Apple EarPods: A$28 – save A$7
Apple has released some deals for ipad etc ..go here


US retailers are sharing some of the shopping love by extending some of the savings and free shipping offers to Australian shoppers Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Shopbop
Bloomingdale's: Between the 20th — 25th of November the more you spend the more you save! Save $25 for every $2
  • Nordstrom: Up to 40% off designer brands and 50% off womens Winter apparel, shoes and accessories, plus $19.95 flat shipping for orders over $100 AUD until Dec 10th.
    • Saks Fifth Avenue: Up to 70% off designer brands, and get $10.95 USD express shipping on orders of $250 USD or more with exclusive code: HOLIDAY1. ( thanks to fabsugar for this deals)


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